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Round three marked halfway through the 2019 season and developed another great weekend of development for both Bayley and the car. After the latest upgrade in mechanics of a new Supercars like sequential gearbox that gave more confidence and courage for the youngest driver in the field. The crucial Friday session was completed overall successfully ironing out any dramas and ensuring the new parts are ready for the beating these incredible machines take. With new PB’s set comfortable, 2 A2 pole positions were taken with striking accuracy, both times were within 0.1 of a second. This led to a dominating victory in class A2 recording career #4. Bayley couldn’t get enough of the QTCC fun so he also participated in the Sports and Sedans category for more seat time, however, the water pump failed on the car in race 1 of sports and sedans. This was incurable for the second race of QTCC causing a DNS (did not start). The last race of the day in race 2 of sports and sedans Bayley got track time and blitzed multiple PB’s rising the eyebrows of the QTCC timing officials. However, after a long night of replacing and tidying any loose ends we had our sights set for a successful Sunday in our new class of A1.

This new class had the BHR team questioning Bayley’s ability to keep up with the fastest and most experienced racers in Queensland. Even with his little experience, Bayley took the fight to them in race three of the QTCC weekend when he started fourth and finished in second for his third outright podium. It was a great relief for Bayley and the team but also shocked many of the paddock changing halfway through a season and being able to get a podium at his first try. This felt like a victory for Bayley as he finished less than a few car lengths from the 2016 QTCC A1 champion Steve Hay with many years of experience on his side. Later on Sunday Bayley competed heavily with two sports and sedans races where he was very strong and race 4 of QTCC where he started second after his great results. Bayley had consistently filled the mirrors of the leader but had the water pump fail causing a DNF. This didn’t ruin the spirit however, the positives were weighing out the negatives in Bayley’s mind and he left happily with good results to be taken into account and a good benchmark to improve on throughout the season. With a short break till round 4 our one day event in mid-August, Bayley will be continuing his major efforts on the simulator developing a variety of skills.