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I am proud to announce that BHR is now going to be featured on an 2008 VE Holden Commodore. This is a massive upgrade from the Hyundai Excel series since we are upgrading from a four cylinder to a V8 engine with unbelievable amounts of torque and top speed exceeding 240kph at Willowbank Raceway and over 15 seconds quicker a lap than the Excel. This not only a larger impact mentally dealing with the speeds and thought plan of throttle control but also the huge difference in weight of the car, force of the larger slick tyres and also the physical influence of larger break pressure and hotter temperatures. This car will now be raced in the Queensland Touring Car Championship (QTCC) and in the CAMS events as Sports Sedans. This is just another career stepping stone that with most definitely improve my confidence, car control and racing talent.