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Shannon’s Nationals – 28th – 29th July, 2018

Shannon’s Nationals was a massive event with international GT championship drivers racing in the amazing 3 hour night race and Australian champions racing in diverse series such as saloon cars, Porches, open wheeled cars and sport sedans. This meant the Excels had to step up their game and show off the non-stop action racing. However, the number three car was not so much co-operating with the Bayley Hall Racing team with a variety of mechanical issues stopping us from any outstanding race results. Luckily, the weekend actually started off well qualifying 14th out of 32 on my birthday, 28th of July. Although, later that day in Race 1 the car spat out the fan belt on the opening lap overheating the engine with no water pump working. This only took a few laps and then it was race over. Then the amazing support of my team and additional mechanics Paul, Dukey and Chrissy helped fix my engine in a time span of almost six hours.

Last day of the weekend started and I was ready for a big race to regain those places. However, once again the car was struggling and in fact had to retire the car only a few laps in. Anyway the second issue was adhered to and the car was finally ready to go. Unfortunately, this was the closest race to the Gold Coast in the season and I had massive followings from my sponsors, family and friends to see me race but struggled to get results for them. Race 3 came along and it was time for me to see what I’m made off, starting 30th i climbed my way through the pack to 19th place with a safety car taking out three laps of certainly more positions.

Overall, it was a frustrating weekend considering the amazing support from sponsors, family and friends as well as being my birthday weekend to only finish one out of three races and after such a strong qualifying performance. The car will be checked over again and ready to go for the next weekend back down to Morgan Park Raceway on the 8th and 9th of September.