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Round 4 @ Morgan Park Raceway - 8th & 9th September

Coming to the end of my debut season, I wanted to start to protest against the leaders and give them something to worry about. My pace was improving every time I jumped into the car and with the recent purchase of a Holden Commodore my confidence had heightened as well. Off a disappointing weekend of mechanical failures in round three I was very keen and excited jump back in and give it another crack while getting some well deserved results. Pace on the Friday was good for first time back on a slippery surface of Morgan Park and we looked competitive. This wasn’t confirmed until race because the qualifying session was done in the wet. Which seemed to be beneficial since I qualified 11th out of 27. One position behind the current championship leader. The race later that afternoon was slippery but had a dry line, however, our car struggled to keep with the pack due to possible setup errors which we couldn’t hold positions. Then we had a second race and I was able to hold my position until our fan belt like at the Shannon’s Nationals ripped to shreds. This was race over but l;luckily I saved the engine this time and was okay to start Sunday as a new day and get results. 

Sunday was a perfect day with a cool breeze and I knew after so many tough weekends we want to finally finish strong. So in the third race of the weekend and first race of the day, I started 24th and found myself into 14th position by lap four once the safety car came out. Unfortunately, under immense stress from an incoming driver on the restart, I lost control of the rear of the car and went to the rear of grid. In doing this, my gear selector broke and I was forced to retire once again not being able to select many gears. This was quickly fixed and was ready to start the race in 25th and fight back through. I was speeding through the back trying to fight cleanly and found myself in 19th by lap five, however, once again we had a mechanical failure. This time the flywheel had let go inside the gearbox and took many things with it at almost more than 180kph. It destroyed the radiator, entire gearbox, front guard rails and much more. This was an awful experience at full speed for an engine part to be going very fast shoot luckily out of the front of the car. This was another awful end to the weekend being dragged along the back of a tilt truck back to pit lane. 

Overall, I had the abilities in wet weather and dry to show substantial pace and start to be competitive but with my first major error and very large mechanical failure, it is not a happy way to go towards the end of the season.