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2022 Season Start Review

We are already two rounds down in this years 8 round championship and what a thrilling ride it has been. After all our testing we finally got to head out on track at the Formula One Australian Grand Prix as a support category to the largest sporting event in Australian history. That was a phenomenal weekend. Not having an ounce of track knowledge and facing the tough challenges of high speed corners only metres from the concrete barriers was something that certainly started the year off in the deep end. But we progressed in every race finishing just shy of the top ten which was a massive positive. This biggest journey is understanding the car and what it takes to be up with the front runners and everything we did in each session got me closer to the goal. 

Then following the great learnings of the Albert Park Street Circuit, the team and I made a trip to Darwin to get some valuable laps around Hidden Valley Raceway, a new track to me. Many rival teams were also completing a test day at Winton to get prepared for Round 2. So we spent two days up there refining our cars and getting well prepared for Round 3. Once again there was a lot learnt in the car but also in my capabilities compared to my much more experienced teammates. 

Finally it came time to head back to Melbourne and get on track at Winton for Round 2. After two practice sessions we were getting to grips with the tight and twisty circuit that rewarded commitment and smoothness. It was great fun track but due to the cold conditions and a very short qualifying session, I just didn’t maximise what I had and qualified 17th. Not ideal but then I proved my worth by fighting back all weekend to finish 12th and having the top 4 strongest pace in all races. So once again I learnt a lot. You can only learn from these mistakes and makes me stronger for the next time I’m in the same situation. So we fight on in Darwin for Round 3 on the 17th – 19th of June. I’m very excited, it is an awesome fun track and I can’t wait to put it up the front this time.