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The Fifth round of the QTCC series was Bayley Hall Racing’s first entrance into this category event. With minimal track time around Lakeside raceway in Brisbane, Bayley took to the difficult track with big heavy and fast Holden Commodore. He started to learn braking and turn in markers and what potential his car has around this track. It wasn’t too long until his real pace was shown.

As a full report, it occurred on Friday that the car was quick and Bayley had a smooth composure around the entire lap providing faster and faster laptimes. These laptimes well exceeded the expectations of all crew members but also dropped the jaws of fellow competitors as this is their first weekend of competition seeing a fifteen year-old kid smashing times and driving at top speeds of 220 kph. However, Bayley had kept pushing the limit every lap and learned more than enough when a missed gear change into the last corner caused a slow and non-harmful touch with a tyre barrier. With few changes to reset Bayley was prepared for Qualifying. He kept improving his time with the crew looking on until no improvements were needed. Bayley put his #28 Holden Commodore on Pole Position in (Class A2) his first ever weekend racing at Lakeside and in QTCC.

A race is a different story had absolutely no experience in a QTCC race which was his only disadvantage. One simple missed gear changed caused Bayley to lose positions in the rolling start but he quickly responded and made positions back to fifth out of twelfth on a track with very difficult passing conditions around the track of Lakeside Raceway. This started to be an eventful weekend for Bayley as the rain headed in and he had already learnt so much. The next race was unsuccessful as a broken front hub stripped braking from Bayley’s grasp but he managed it and kept his competitors in his sights even with limited braking in wet conditions at speeds of 180 kph. It moved onto the last day of racing and after a late cancellation of Saturday’s race, QTCC had three races on one day. The rain had stayed and it was straight out into the wet when Bayley held strong pace and got to third place. Then Bayley’s second fastest qualifying lap started him in race three and he started off the second row and got to second in the first corner holding very strong pace in torrential conditions with consistently less than a metre between first place in front of him. It was unfortunate to see a failed engine part strip Bayley’s first win from him so early. This DNF was inevitable but in fact grew Bayley’s confidence as now he knows he has the car and potential to be a real threat for the QTCC Class A2 Championship in 2019. Keep updated on Instagram and Facebook as well this website to see results and race reviews about the 2019 calendar because it will surely be an eventful and exciting season.